Free up some time by outsourcing essential services to concoctionary.

Fridgesitting. It can be difficult to enjoy a night out when you’re worried about what your fridgefridge might be up to. concoctionary has a network of fully trained fridgesitters, all with impeccable references. The service involves constant observation of your fridge while you’re away and the platinum option includes sampling of food from randomly selected shelves at regular intervals to ensure the refrigerator is continuing to do its job.


String measuring. For many decades people have asked themselves, string‘How long is a piece of string?’ Call concoctionary and remove the nagging doubt. Our team utilise measuring tapes specially calibrated to cope with the rigorous demands of string.


Insecurity guard. We all struggle with nagging self-doubt but there is an answer. guardconcoctionary’s crack team of insecurity guards are available for hire and come fully licensed and equipped to issue a range of reassuring phrases and compliments. Show your doubts the door by hiring an insecurity guard.

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